Refit Schedule for getting 4 Winds Ready for 2020

Updated 2/3/2018 


4 Winds is in its most bare condition

With her 75 percent gutted the race is on to get her back in pristine condition for her future cruise.  A refit in itself is going to be a challenge, but throwing in the fact our schedule home off the truck makes it even tougher.

Gutted Interior

But to do all this, the boat has to be ready.  We have to be ready.   Everything has to be readied to its best most potential.  Nothing overlooked.

Now this is what she looks like as of July 2017.  She is not a gutted shell of a Hull any longer. With the interior structure almost completed she now is starting to take shape.

Down the Starboard side- new paint
As of August 2017

Plan for Refit

This plan as any, is subject to change.  But this is what we are shooting for…

Keep in mind that we have to keep our day job and work is completed on our off days which normally is 4 or 5 days per month, more if needed.

  1.  March 2017complete Rebuilt companionway door, rebuilt freezer, rebuilt cabinets.  Ready for Formica.  Started on Engine room Wall DONE
  2. April 2017Continue on galley, to completion.  Install AC/DC breaker panel and Nav Station Cabinet.  Start layout on interior,  install sole. Install water tank, holding tank, and start plumbing– prep V Berth for rebuild.. DONE
  3. May 2017Continue with interior to include wiring, plumbing and paint finished interior walls– head and Vberth completion and bulkheads.
  4. June 2017Cabinet doors and drawers, trim and finish work.  Finish up any incomplete wiring and plumbing. Finish dining Area Done
  5. July 2017 engine prepared for installation Done
  6. August 2017 Install Engine and transmission, controls.  Shaft-log, stuffing box and shaft.
  7. Install A/C DONE  as well as Refrigeration.
  8. September 2017–  Minor repairs on Rudder, install interior overhead ceiling, trim out. Finish remaining projects not yet completed.
  9. October 2017– Repair blisters on hull with gel coat.  Start boomkin.
  10. November 2017- Took off for Birth of Grand Daughter & Life!
  11. December 2017- Off for Holidays
  12. January 2018–  We are so behind schedule.   That’s the Norm isn’t it?
  13. February 2018  Boomkin and Bow Sprit, replace transducers. 
  14. March 2018- Trim out inside, Plumbing in head finish v-berth overhead, carpet fiberglass
  15.   Install Engine and transmission, controls.  Shaft-log, stuffing box and shaft
  16. April 2018-Finish Engine and Top Deck work
  17. May 2018- Transport to Splash 4 Winds at Seabrook Texas.  Test run engine. Raise mast and rigging. measure for Sails. Order Sails.  Sea Trial on engine.    Work out kinks  Order sails. Raise Mast and Rigging
  18. June 2018 finish electrical. 
  19. July Rig sails, tie up loose ends and accessories
  20. August-tie up loose ends and accessories
  21. November-Christening and Renaming Ceremony
  22. December 2018-Sail to Bay St. Louis Mississippi (Our Home Port) maybe on to florida for January and February.

It always looks good on paper, ( or computer screen).   But this is our 18 month plan to complete a total refit.