Welcome to Live Aboard Cruising

Jack and Kathie here welcoming you to our site.  It has been our experience that finding out information on buying a live aboard vessel without breaking the bank, figuring out how to make it sea-worthy, or remodeled to fit your needs can be a challenge.   Then there is the “what do i do now” moments when you want to set sail….

Here we want to share our experiences, bring everyone together so you can share yours, and give you the resources and information to help your dream come true, being a Live Aboard Cruiser!

This was our Project boat.   We will be telling you how we acquired her, what was wrong with her, and how we are progressing in her renovations. Let me tell you, there was so much to do…

She was purchased in Pasadena Tx, a Dreadnought 32 formerly the S/V Meridian.

If you want to know the whole story Check out our blog.