Dreadnought SV Full Circle
Dreadnought32 SV Full Circle I believe.
Dreadnought 32

The Dreadnought 32 was a fibreglass replica of the Tahiti Ketch that was designed by John Hana in 1932. William Crealock made a few design modifications for Dreadnought Boatworks in Carpinteria, California who produced 83 hulls between 1973 and 1982.

Finally a group on Facebook bringing what is left of the Dreadnought 32 owners together.   It is in a group called “double ended sailboats” and is one of several types of sailboat that didn’t know if they were coming or going!  Being pointed on both ends makes them unique in the way of sailboats today, bringing back the nostalgia from years past.

Bell Isle - California
Bell Isle – California

This is the same type boat as 4Winds, yet some were Ketch Rigged while others, like ours were Cutter Rigged.  We were hull number 39, first molded in 1973 and with construction completed in 1976.  We hope we will look as good as many of these in this group do!


4Winds Waiting till Winter Ends

Winter Blues

Seems like the winter brings with it lack of motivation as well as the distraction of all the holidays and special occasions.   4Winds has been on hold now for too long and I can’t wait to get back to work on her.  Our tentative launch date is right around the corner and I am no-where close to being ready.

As the days are slowly getting longer, the holiday season is behind us, we look forward to getting back to Pasadena to start in on the boomkin, bowsprit, changing out two transducers, and much more.   I would like to create a video to introduce Kathie and I, and start actually showing the process of doing some of these jobs.


As i was saying the launch date was originally in March 2018, but realize that is not going to happen. So we have postponed to hopefully in May making it happen.  Following up in November with the christening and renaming of our Dreadnought 32 from Meridian to 4Winds.  Goals are to have 4Winds in the water and “sea trials” complete so we can sail her to Bay St Louis in December.

History of 4Winds

I should mention that I have been doing much research on 4Winds lately.   With a hull number of DRD0000391073 I have learned that the Dreadnought was 39th hull made, and this was in October of 1973.  Although she wasn’t completed until 1976.  She is strictly cutter rigged and we have yet to find out who the original owner was, or where her first home was.

So far I have the last documentation information showing the previous owner, and the boat name as Meridian, and prior to that she was named Annie M.   Attempts to locate and or contact these previous owners have been unsuccessful.

Future of 4Winds

As we go forward with her refit we look at what we are going to do with her.  My goals are to retire on her, and sail her for as long as our health permits.  I believe that she will take us far and with many adventures to photo. video and write about as we document where we end up. Make sure you look us up on YouTube!

As of right now we don’t know if this is the lifestyle we will enjoy, although we hope so.  We will head out to the Caribbean and spend the first two years “testing the waters” so to speak.  We will summer near or in Grenada and winter in Puerto Rico and or Bahamas area.

From there if 4Winds is good to us and the life on sea is where we really want to be, we are considering going through the Panama and making our way into the South Pacific.  This will bring on the new adventure of a Circumnavigation that will test the legacy of the Dreadnought 32, and begin ours.


I have scoured the web for some pics of other Dreadnought 32’s,  some are known in the sailing community some are not.  Some are Ketch rigged, some are cutter.  With only 83 ever produced in the life of Dreadnought Boat Works, not many are still around.  I feel honored to bring one of these jewels back to life and get her back in the water where she belongs.   Here are a few pics of dreadnoughts I have located.

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Also you can find a facebook group for Dreadnoughts Here