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What are we doing?   Kathie and I are looking for a new adventure.   We have the “Rusty Bucket” that we have been working on the restoration for the past year and half.   Still has a ways to go, although we have been living on her.   I am a truck driver, and it is about time to hang up the keys.   For 20 years I worked on commercial vessels, and water runs in my blood.   Now I want to share the thrills, trials, and beauty of living on the water with my family and you.   Be sure to watch for our videos here and on youtube.

We are interested in getting a larger sailboat, a 34 -40 footer would make us the best sailing liveaboard.   We are in the process of selling most everything we don’t need, so we can to head south for Florida and from there who knows where the wind will take us.   During our voyages we will video document our trips bringing you into our lives-through the good and the bad as they come.    You will be able to watch us here on and on our YouTube Channel


Now Meet the Crew!

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So now you have put a face to the names (well almost, Moms name is Kathie, as her daughters is too so that is too confusing, so we stick with Mom! And Dad is Lester Water, well we will keep him as Dad too!)

We got the Mast up on GitUrDun, that was a chore!   If you haven’t noticed, this boat is slightly modified, the “pop top” design doesn’t pop up any more, it is permanent.   Making raising the mast to be done from the bow.   But Kathie and I got it up and got our first look at he Genoa.  It is filthy.  It has been furled for over a year, laying on the ground, and went through two floods where it was underwater for almost a month.

More work…. More Money…. Please Donate!  (click on image)- Yea this is where we ask you to help us out and donate.   Donations are appreciated and special thanks will go out to those who make this happen.   Special behind the scenes video and blooopers!   And of course credit for helping this become a reality!

ad1jpgSails need repair and cleaned.   The main is not too bad it has been stored in the boat in a bag.

So what about the Rusty Bucket?  Well we have donated it to Mom and Dad,  guess we can call her “Home Base”!

Until next time- Later


Preparing our Cal Jensen 25 for 2017 Cruise

Jack and Kathie here.  We are planning our future trip with our Cal Jensen 25. (Sailboat data)  We have a lot of work to do to prepare her and get her stocked for our trip south.   When are we going?   Right now we are planning the fall of 2017.

Edit: 2/28/2017 —  We have bought a Dreadnought 32, the vessel of our travels to come!  We now plan to refit the dreadnought, rename her to 4 Winds, and Scheduled sail date in Nov. 2020.

The Dreadnought is located in Passadena TX.  She is currently on the hard and we are planning to splash with majority of repairs done by December of this year (2017).

I’ll keep ya posted!

Yes it is still a long way off but we have so much to do prior to going.   We are looking at heading to the keys that winter with a summer 2018 return trip.   We are considering making our home on a 34+ foot sail boat if the right one comes along, but for now the Cal Jensen 25 will have to do.

Our journey will be heading down the Arkansas, to the Mississippi river.   We will be going out to the Gulf, with stops in New Orleans, Bay Saint Louis / Biloxi area, Mobile Alabama and on down Florida,  Part of the trip will be made on the ICW with as much sailing as possible.

Cal Jensen 25
Cal Jensen 25

Our trip will be documented as accurately as possible, from expenses to rating marinas, anchorages and more.    We will be posting to, with links to the videos right here on liveaboard cruising.

Call us crazy!  We are as adventurous as it comes.   We want to encourage you to contact us at with your own stories and advice so we can share as much information a possible with the world about liveaboard cruising.

We still need to pull our boat out of the water this spring, paint and do minor repairs.   Inspect all the standing rigging as well as replace the running rigging. The mast is currently down so we can make sure it is ready.    I will be posting pictures soon as well as videos on the repairs and preparations.

cal 25
Inside our Cal 25

If you want to donate to our project Please click here to go to our account. Your contribution will help us acquire upgraded equipment and get our boat ready.

I will be back soon to publish more details.

Until next post