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River Valley Marina Little Rock Akansas

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River Valley Marina is Located on the Little Maumelle River, which runs into the Arkansas Apx at the 129 mile marker, just north of Little Rock Arkansas.  Head up the Little Maumelle, (going under the walking bridge I will look into the vertical clearance and span and post it.) stay to the left when it splits.  Continue apx 2 miles and you will see the most wonderful, quiet little marina, that is off the beaten path so to speak.   Operated by Ray and Debra Hudson, this little marina doesn’t offer much currently other than a quiet place to stay.   I am looking into the amenities such as fuel, store and pump out. [sam id=”1″ codes=”true”]

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Island Harbor Marina

Island Harbor Marina, Whitehall Arkansas Mile 71.1 Arkansas River

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Island Harbor Marina is located at mile 71.1 on the Arkansas River, just 1/4 mile inside lake

Langhoffer, of the Pine Bluff Harbor.  The only marina between Little Rock, AR and Greenville, MS. So why are we making this post about this marina?  
Island Harbor Marina
Island Harbor Marina
Island Harbor is the home to several liveaboard residents, a potentially important stopping point for transients going either way on the Arkansas river.   The website for Island Harbor Marina is here, it has not been updated in years but is still active,  it shows the potential that the marina has, as it was a booming stop on the Arkansas river at one time.  

Currently the marina is in disrepair, no fuel, no groceries, no restaurant (which is there but not open), just to say it needs help.   The owner of the marina had decided to sell it, and a gentleman took on the challenge.   Looks like the future of Island Harbor Marina is looking up.   The marina has just aquired a new work boat compliments of a State Grant.   This boat provides the ability to remotely pumping out the sewage from our liveaboard boats, as well as transients as they come through.

The Marina has started putting down sheets of plywood to assist in covering up large areas of rotten wood in the deck of the dock.   Going to be very slick when it gets wet, but  just got to be careful I guess.

Small improvements, all help.

What can we do?  The Sarah Jane now known as the Rusty Bucket is docked there, I bought her with intent that I would restore her and make my little spot on the end of the dock my home and now the owner is trying to sell off the the place off to just anyone without any interest of who lives there.   Rent for my slip is inexpensive, compared to other marinas, the sacrifice considering the condition of the marina, but it could be a great place with the proper investment.

I encourage any and all replies that might benefit the saving of Island Harbor Marina, and its residents.