Liveaboard Cruising – Jack & Kathie Sailing 4Winds

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I am Jack and Kathie is my wife and we are liveaboards.  We will be retiring in a few years and have decided to take our life to the next level, just as so many other people have.  We have bought a boat, a blue water Dreadnought 32 and plan to set sail in November 2020.

This website is to share our story as we prepare for this adventure, as well as to bring together so many other liveaboard cruisers that are already doing it, so you can share your stories.   We will be updating our progress each step of the way and encourage you to do the same by joining the forum.

Our story started a few years ago when we bought a boat, a 65 foot yacht and decided to become liveaboards.   Although we spend more time in our semi truck than we do on a boat.   After a couple of years we ask each other, why don’t we get a boat that can potentially go anywhere we want to go?   So we did.

We first bought a 25 foot Cal Jensen, this was our “learning boat”  We have now out grown it and we have bought the Dreadnought 32 I mentioned earlier.  This is our final boat we will take on our adventure. At that point the semi truck will be sold, and we will leave behind all that we currently know.

Kathie and I will be documenting the whole thing from the refit to when we sail.   We have a YouTube channel (you can find here).  We will be posting videos as they become available and  we also have a Patreon account, so please if you like what we are doing, please tip, every little bit helps.

The website

liveaboardAre you just thinking about becoming a liveaboard?   Or are you’re a cruiser already.  Bookmark us, as we share our knowledge and mistakes, answer your questions and more.

That is where this website comes in.  Not only is it about us, but all cruisers.   We want to bring information to you as we learn it, and each cruiser has stories and knowledge to share.