4Winds Week 5- Post Hurricane Harvey

Starboard side after painting
Starboard side after painting

Arrival to 4Winds

We arrived back to our boat just days following Harvey’s rampage on the Houston and South Texas area to find 4Winds still sitting on her stands.  Immediately I opened her up to see if she took on any water from the massive 51″ of rain that fell.


On getting 4Winds opened up I found very little standing water in her, but sure enough mold had started to form. Orange mold primarily.  With nearly a week of 100% Humidity the air saturated with moisture from Hurricane Harvey, and 4winds being closed up, there were areas of the new unpainted untreated wood starting to mold.

What do we do?

The only thing I could think to do was to go straight to Home Depot, get cleaning supplies, and Kilz paint.

I masked up and dove in.  Getting the formation of mold out was difficult but a success I do believe.   Once cleaned up a de-humidifier was set up, fans a blowing and all port holes and vents opened, time to dry out.  Once the humidity level was down to apx 45% in the air we started painting Kilz.   By the time we finished we were beat.

Next Morning

The following morning we got started with our final interior paint.   A White Semi Gloss.  We got 4Winds painted in her entirety.

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She is looking great.  Then the next several days consisted of all 120v Electrical, Water lines connected to water tanks, water fill thru hulls installed, water pump installed, stained and hung cabinet doors, and some 12v electrical to include power meter and battery.   4Winds will have a total of 4 Deep Cycle Marine Batteries, which may be increased to 6 in the future.


4Winds interior got expedited into overdrive and is ready for trim, formica on the rest of the cabinets. Hardwood flooring, completion of the V-berth woodwork, carpet on all hull fiberglass that is exposed, oh and still have to complete the head/shower which includes the plumbing for both.

Starboard side after painting
Starboard side after painting

We won’t make any progress on 4Winds in October, as a new Grand Baby is due this month and a road trip to Arkansas is in order to see her.  But Kathie did stay at the boat to do what she can to continue with progress.   Also our son Owen is there to help where he can.  So we will be back in full force for a week in November to hopefully swing the engine in and get some of this other work done.

Splash is only 6 Months away!

4Winds Faces Harvey

4Winds and Hurricane Harvey

As you might know Hurricane Harvey is coming into Texas today near Corpus Christy, then stalling out before it creeps along toward Houston and Pasadena. And that is where 4Winds is. 

Hurricane Harvey 8/25/17
Hurricane Harvey 8/25/17

Sitting there on the hard, on stands, no mast up thank goodness, but there none the less.   All of our belongings are in a storage building, and all we can do is hope for the best.

We are in our truck, headed to California, and not scheduled to be back to Pasadena until September 4th.   This is when we will find out if 4Winds and all of our belongings survived.   Worrying about flooding, not storm surge, but water getting into our building.

4Winds is sitting on two sets of blocks, and propped up with 6 stands, three on each side.  facing West any southerly wind will hit her broadside.

4Winds on stands
4Winds on her stands

But thankfully she is sitting on concrete slab,  no worry of the ground getting soggy and giving way.

We will give an update to the fate of 4Winds as soon as we have word on how it all turns out.   Almost wish she was in the water somewhere instead of here on the hard.