Behind the Scenes S/V 4Winds

What it seems is not what it is –

I know we seem to not be getting much done. But you must understand, we are working and paying for our refit as we go.  And sometimes life seems to get in the way.  Or does it?   As it is nearing a year since we acquired 4Winds, we have been documenting her progress. What has been done, and not done.  But what I failed to realize is that someone who visits our site doesn’t realize what is going on behind the scenes LIFE!

Behind the scenes

If you have been keeping up with us any at all you have come to realize we are working (until now) on 4Winds 1 Week at a time, and this week is determined by our schedule as weown a Semi Truck (2009 International Prostar—>PAID FOR!) But we are still paying off a $14000 debt from repairs we underwent,

Semi Behind the scenes
Our Semi

and are running the roads non stop.   As right now as I am writing this I am sitting in a Truck Stop on WiFi, wishing I was working on 4Winds.


So you first have to understand why we are not just quitting our job, selling our truck and heading off into the sunset…

Money.  I’m a one of those many unfortunate people who have worked hard all their life and not saved a single penny for retirement.  As we say in the South, “Don’t have a pot to piss in or a widow to throw it out of”.  Well not really, but close… But We have a plan…

The Plan

Behind the scenes we have sold almost everything, just as so many other cruisers have, bought a piece of a boat, and now rebuilding her. This you already know.   But in the mean time is how we are doing it:

  • Continue working until 2020.   At that time we cruise full-time
  • March 2018 Launch 4Winds
  • April 2018 100% Debt free on Truck and personal bills except for things like insurance.
  • August 2018 Should have rigging complete and Sails
  • Continue driving, with income from the truck ALL income less -$1000 dollars is going into retirement savings.   At the current rate that will be apx $6000 per month (if no major breakdowns on the truck)
  • December of 2018 Move boat to our own dock at our property we have in Bay St Louis Ms (Save those marina Fees)
  • Continue driving and saving $$
  • During these months spend a little on wind vane steering, water maker ect. as well as finish up small projects on the boat
  • Continue this tend through January 2020 at which time we have saved up close to $100,000
  • We plan to sell the semi early 2020 in preparation to set sail December 2020

Looks like a plan.  lets see what happens.