4Winds Faces Harvey

4Winds and Hurricane Harvey

As you might know Hurricane Harvey is coming into Texas today near Corpus Christy, then stalling out before it creeps along toward Houston and Pasadena. And that is where 4Winds is. 

Hurricane Harvey 8/25/17
Hurricane Harvey 8/25/17

Sitting there on the hard, on stands, no mast up thank goodness, but there none the less.   All of our belongings are in a storage building, and all we can do is hope for the best.

We are in our truck, headed to California, and not scheduled to be back to Pasadena until September 4th.   This is when we will find out if 4Winds and all of our belongings survived.   Worrying about flooding, not storm surge, but water getting into our building.

4Winds is sitting on two sets of blocks, and propped up with 6 stands, three on each side.  facing West any southerly wind will hit her broadside.

4Winds on stands
4Winds on her stands

But thankfully she is sitting on concrete slab,  no worry of the ground getting soggy and giving way.

We will give an update to the fate of 4Winds as soon as we have word on how it all turns out.   Almost wish she was in the water somewhere instead of here on the hard.

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