New Lights for 4Winds

New Lights for 4winds mast and inside.

We made it back to 4Winds for a short visit.   We had lots of parts waiting on us at the post office.  We had ordered the interior lights, mast lights, antenna and the shaft log.

What we got done…

It may not seem like much but we got the antenna mounted, as well as the lights on the mast.  We managed to get the new wiring ran up the mast, well almost…

Seems like we ran out of wire on one of the ground wires, but we can finish that next time.

Also got the shaft log.   Nothing completed here but we have it and ready to install.

Oh also got the water tank resealed.  lets hope it holds water better now.

Until next time…

A Few days at SV 4Winds

Back to 4Winds for a few days

Finally made it back to 4winds, time to complete this project.   Goal?  May 31!

There is still so much to do.  And this time in I took inventory on what is left.  Made a game plan, and am going to do my best to make it happen.

Here is a short video of a few of the projects that are to be done.  First off there was a problem with when you fill the main water tank, water makes its way out of the tank and into the ballast hold as well as the engine room.   This only happens when the tank is full and water escapes the vent.   So being the tank had no hatch, had to cut a hole in the galley floor to get to the inside.  What I found is that the seam at the top of the tank next to the engine room wall was no longer sealed.   Now that it is opened up I will be able to reseal it.  I am leaving it open to completely dry for the next two weeks.

Also moved the mast.   The 50′ mast has been sitting on the ground for I assume the last 5+ years.  The winches were full of mud and corroded.   The video shows where I have one of them torn down for rebuild.

I examined the bow where the bowsprit fits to the boat and examined the area where the platform will connect to her.   Going to be some tricky woodwork but manageable.

Also went down to Seabrook Marina in Kemah (Seabrook) Tx.   The marina seems awesome and they assure me  that they have all the capabilities to get me in the water as well as ready to sail.

So this has been a quick update.  Looking forward to getting back to work on her the first week of March, and trying to have all the major work complete by May 31!