Behind the Scenes S/V 4Winds

What it seems is not what it is –

I know we seem to not be getting much done. But you must understand, we are working and paying for our refit as we go.  And sometimes life seems to get in the way.  Or does it?   As it is nearing a year since we acquired 4Winds, we have been documenting her progress. What has been done, and not done.  But what I failed to realize is that someone who visits our site doesn’t realize what is going on behind the scenes LIFE!

Behind the scenes

If you have been keeping up with us any at all you have come to realize we are working (until now) on 4Winds 1 Week at a time, and this week is determined by our schedule as we

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S/V 4Winds Put on Hold

s/v 4winds Put on Hold…

Not for long.   It’s just with the Birth of our new Grand Daughter and the up coming holidays we are swamped.  So we are looking forward to getting back to work on 4winds after the first of the year.   So stay tuned….