Another Couple of busy Days on 4Winds

Week 3 comes to a close working on 4Winds – Dreadnought 32

As today ends so does another week of working on 4Winds.  Much more accomplished than we expected.   Now with the head completely framed out, Cabinet on starboard side is framed in and more.

Wardrobe Cabinet

This cabinet is just aft of the V-berth and on the starboard side across from the head. 



We got the stantions mounted for the life lines, also the forward railing leading up to the bow pulpit.

Railing stantions
Railing stantions

This required a trip to West Marine, just to find out that the angles for the rail base is an odd angle.  But with a little creativity we made it work for 4Winds.


We got started this morning on the interior walls that make up 4Winds’ head and shower.   Walls are up door is temporarily in place and construction continues.  The door in the photos is the original door that came with the boat.  It along with some cabinet doors and drawers, and mahogany trim work is the only wood work we are keeping original on 4Winds.

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We got the starboard side framed out, but by the end of the day we were just too out of steam to get the last bulkhead in.   We still have a lot of fiberglass work to do on the wall connection but that will come next time.


Test Fitting the boomkin.

Boomkin test fit
Boomkin test fit

Looks like we are going to go with the custom-made aluminum boomkin,   not the original wooden one the dreadnought came out with.  We will up date as we make more progress on its install.

Next Time…

We are going to work on her tomorrow, but we are going to take a break and come back to work on 4Winds in two month (there about).  In the mean time, keep checking back and feel free to comment, we will reply as we have time.


Dreadnought 32 4Winds coming right along

Well it is another week of work on our Dreadnought 32, 4Winds.  We got back to work on her this week and continued on working in the galley.   If you remember the galley was in really rough shape,

Part 2 for dreadnought revit
Old Galley Cabinet

we were going to keep the existing cabinets, but we found a nasty surprise.  In the Galley, at some time in her 41 years, termites had made their way to making the cabinets their home, so new cabinet  top was due.

Cabinet Top Removed
Cabinet Top Removed

We got the cabinet top ripped out and remade, cut the new Formica and got the sink reinstalled.

We also put in a small cabinet top behind where the stove will go to tie the two cabinets together.  Originally the sink top was two different heights, now it is all one height all the way around the cabinets.   There will be some stain damaged wood, but we will just consider this as giving the old girl character.

We then went to working on framing in the walls and ceiling.  We managed to get the aft end of the cabin  completely framed and started on the insulation.

new tops
New tops

Also started installing the hardwood laminate on the wall.  We still need to seal the portholes and install the bronze bolts we want for them, this will come after we clean and polish them.

Finally, today we managed to get the sub flooring down for the sole.

sub floor
sub floor

Check out the gallery below for a complete list of all photos taken for the past few days work and the time-lapse video of what we got completed today, up until the battery went dead on the go-pro!

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time lapse of today's work