4Winds Waiting till Winter Ends

Winter Blues

Seems like the winter brings with it lack of motivation as well as the distraction of all the holidays and special occasions.   4Winds has been on hold now for too long and I can’t wait to get back to work on her.  Our tentative launch date is right around the corner and I am no-where close to being ready.

As the days are slowly getting longer, the holiday season is behind us, we look forward to getting back to Pasadena to start in on the boomkin, bowsprit, changing out two transducers, and much more.   I would like to create a video to introduce Kathie and I, and start actually showing the process of doing some of these jobs. Continue reading “4Winds Waiting till Winter Ends”

Adventure With 4Winds

Check out the fun little video based on our planned adventure.   Be sure to sign-up with your email address so you won’t miss a single update!