Liveaboardcruising- Life on our Sailboat - Live Aboard Cruising

Liveaboardcruising- Life on our Sailboat


25′ Cal Jensen, our first liveaboard sailboat… sorta….

Liveaboardcrusing – Get to know us, Jack & Kathie and our dog Dixie.   We welcome you to our world as we prepare to retire on a frugal income.

As we get our boat ready, learn to sail, make all our preparations and make it happen you will be able to keep up with us right here and on our You Tube channel- LiveaboardCruising.  Where we will be video documenting our life as we make our way from White Hall, Arkansas to Florida, then to the Bahamas, then on to Saint Thomas and the rest of the Caribbean Islands.  We are counting on you, our fans to help make this adventure possible, be sure to become a Patreon for by going here and pledging,  thus becoming a virtual crew member that helps us keep the videos coming.

Jackn Kathie liveaboard cruising

Jack and Kathie in Biloxi Ms

Liveaboardcruising will be bringing you Ariel footage as well as underwater, as we take our video adventures above and below the surface in places such as Grand Bahamas and the Caribbean.   As we continue we anticipate the possibility of going even further and crossing the Atlantic after we have upgraded to a larger boat.  Rumor has it that a 25′ Cal has gone around the world but that just doesn’t make for much room for two adults and two dogs!

We are going to be facing many challenges as we get ready  to go.   We have to have all our documentation in order; for us, and our boat.  And the dogs as well, the need to be ready for this trip, to prevent quarantine, that’s not happening!

With livaboardcruising we want to accomplish two things, one is to use it to meet great people with the same dream as we do and second is to document as much of the world as we can and bring it you you our fans.   But to do this cost money and we encourage you to help by joining Patreon and Keeping the videos coming.

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